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Insurance and credit release

Credit insurance consists of insurance coverage against credit risk, that is, non-payment, in order to protect the company when, following the sale of a good and / or service, the same does not collect the amount due to the debtor's insolvency.


The insurance coverage can concern "commercial risk" (customer insolvency) or "political risk" (catastrophic-political events that prevent the payment of the credit), in cases of

  • exports of goods and services;

  • provision of services, studies, design;

  • execution of works and works;

  • financial leasing of machinery, equipment, means of transport.

Advice on insurance and

credit disposal includes:

The analysis of the credit / financial situation of the company with reference to the payment of supplies, any exposures, the percentage of outstanding payments, the forms of payment adopted country by country, the type of existing contracts.

The assessment of the tools adopted and the solutions that can be adopted to "secure" their loans, taking into account the turnover, its composition and the type of customer.

Verification of the most suitable insurance solutions (by characteristics, articulations and costs) to cover credit risk.

Assistance in choosing the insurance company able to offer customized ad hoc solutions to cover the credit risk.

The development of a company “Policy” to address and manage credit risk through the tools of Trade Finance and, in particular, insurance ones.

Assistance in evaluating how to improve corporate liquidity through loan disinvestment tools and / or, in cases where this is possible, through structured discounting of their own receivables from abroad with extended maturities.

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