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Precisely to answer the many questions on the subject, Antonio Di Meo has conceived and created a specific book  edited in 2018 by Wolters Kluwer (ipsoa) which explores the different forms of payment and guarantees in use in international exchanges, and the implications with other clauses of the underlying contract and with the delivery term of the goods (Incoterms®).

The matter is treated in a schematic way to facilitate practical and effective consultation, with the hope that every company will be able to derive a useful and effective operational advantage. The main topics concern the application of knowledge of the various forms of payment and guarantee (both banking and insurance) adopted internationally and what Incoterms® represent in the definition of the price, in the distribution of costs, risks and responsibilities.

The individual topics are developed with a practical approach, providing for each:

  • the definition and their function

  • the main features

  • the legislation of reference

  • the risks, advantages and disadvantages

  • the main points of attention

  • the reference documents and forms

This Guide is full of useful material and suggestions for practical solutions that prevent the company from meeting the countless risks associated with the foreign market and internationalization.

6. International guarantees and the Stand-by Letter of credit

7. Exchange rate risk management

8. Credit risk management

10. Glossary

9. Banking forms

1. Risks in international trade

2. Negotiation of an international contract

3. Delivery of goods and

ICC Incoterms®

4. Currency regulations, banks and payment systems

5. Forms of international payment

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To better explain all the aspects of documentary credit, Antonio Di Meo has created and produced a specific and complete book published in 2019 by Wolters Kluwers (Ipsoa), useful both for companies that deal with foreign countries and for banks and professionals.

A practical and complete tool, enriched with charts, checklists, summary tables, diagrams, examples, rules to avoid reserves, points of attention both in import and export credits. It also contains an analytical index of Uniform Standards and Uses (the NUU 600), the commentary on them, the Uniform International Banking Practice (the PBIU 745) and the examination of over 20 of the most used documents.


Antonio Di Meo has conceived and produced together with Federico Callegaro a  specific book  published in 2011 by Wolter Kluwers (Ipsoa) aimed at sharing in a clear and simple way all the information regarding international bank guarantees, with lots of useful material for industry experts.


1. Documentary credit in international trade

2. The phases of documentary credit

3. Types of documentary credit

4. Documents in the documentary credit

5. The negotiation of documentary credit and Incoterms® 2020

6. The Swift Forms relating to documentary credits

7. Examples of documentary credits

8. The Commentary on the NUU 600 and PBIU 745 of the ICC

10. The documentary credit from A to Z

9. Banking forms relating to documentary credit

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1. Bank guarantees

2. The sureties

3. The autonomous guarantees

4. The surety and the autonomous guarantees in comparison

5. Types of bank guarantees

6. The issuance of bank guarantees

7. The rules on first demand guarantees

8. The Stand-by Letter of Credit

10. The analytical index of URDG 758 and ISP 98

9. Examples of models of autonomous guarantees and Stand-by letters of credit

Il testo si articola nei seguenti dieci capitoli:

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