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International Tools, conceived by Antonio Di Meo, is an online newsletter full of information, answers and opinions on international trade, distributed by subscription.


Each issue contains useful and up-to-date information, models, forms, practical-operational suggestions, case studies, focus payments, focus countries, regulatory examination and commentary on the main aspects of international trade.


Technical support in the field of export and internationalization.


An innovative tool to address the technical and procedural aspects connected to international transactions and foreign markets.


A magazine full of useful sector information, aimed at companies of any product sector and size and anyone who approaches the problems of foreign trade and internationalization

International Tools

International Tools

The structure

Edited by a team of international experts, International Tools provides real case studies, answers to concrete questions, practical tools on "how to do it", "why it is done" and "which solutions" to deal with foreign markets safely and effectively. Main themes:

  • International contracts

  • International payments, bank guarantees and credit insurance

  • Delivery of goods and Incoterms®

  • Customs and origin of goods

  • Documents for import-export

  • Freight transport and insurance

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International payments and guarantees



Customs and international transport

Useful information

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case studies

Country focus


International Tools

thematic areas

We are always available for information on how to subscribe to the brand new International Tools online magazine.

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