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Documentary credits

Documentary credit is undoubtedly one of the most widespread and complex instruments for the settlement of international commercial transactions as the intervention of one or more banks offers security to both the seller and buyer. The many problems generated by this form of payment, the interpretative doubts on whether or not the documents are accepted by banks, the pivotal role played by international standards on documentary credits (the NUU 600) and the Uniform International Banking Practice (ISBP 745) of the International Chamber of Commerce of Paris, need to be addressed in order not to frustrate the security regarding the payment of supplies (in export) or the receipt of compliant goods (in import).

For this reason DI MEO INTERNATIONAL CONSULTING offers a personalized consultancy service in the examination and management of documentary credit, from the moment of its negotiation and issuance, to the preparation and presentation of the required documents, up to the final collection.

With the aim of avoiding bank reserves and the many problems that often delay or compromise collection and that generate unexpected additional costs, Documentary Credits Step by Step is born, a lean and effective consulting service, developed by DI MEO INTERNATIONAL CONSULTING aimed at all companies of all sectors and sizes.

Advice, in particular, includes

Assistance and supervision in the conformity examination and in the preparation of documents to be presented for availability of the documentary credit, in order to avoid bank reserves.

The answers and technical opinions on the reserves raised by the banks, to ensure that the disputes are withdrawn and the beneficiary is able to collect the amount of the credit.

Assistance in managing the relationship with shippers, carriers, customs declarants, insurers and other parties involved in the preparation of the documents required by the documentary credit.

Assistance in managing the relationship with the bank with indications for any interventions at the same aimed at solving problems arising from discrepancies and / or reservations that delay or compromise payment.

Evaluation of bank charges and commissions relating to documentary credit, with indication of the conditions "to tend" and related assistance in negotiating costs.

The reduction, if not the elimination, of bank reserves and additional expenses not considered.

Contractual assistance in the formulation of the single draft (draft) of the documentary credits issuance message, both in the case of foreign sales and on an Italian basis.

The preparation of standard or customized drafts or application forms and forms for the issuance of Documentary Credits for both export and import.

Assistance in the education phase for the issuance of documentary credit for import and export with the relevant formulation of this payment clause.

The examination of the message of issue (and / or modification) of the documentary credit; point by point, to prevent any problems during availability.

The pre-examination of the documents to be presented for availability of the documentary credit.

Assistance for any amendments to be made to the original text of the documentary credit.

How the Step by Step documentary credit service develops

1.  Contact with the company to find out::

  • its operation, with reference to transactions settled by documentary credit

  • the staff with whom to relate for the provision of assistance;


2.  Setting up operational and management tools, such as instructions for the buyer about the issuance of documentary credits, in order to reduce the time of individual operations, improve the efficiency of the commercial office and reduce risks and costs;

3.  Assistance with answers provided by telephone, e-mail, video conference or any other means of communication agreed, case by case, directly with the customer.

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