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International Payments

With the advice on International Payments from MEO INTERNATIONAL CONSULTING, it allows you to receive suggestions, answers, technical opinions, tools, solutions regarding the choice and management of the most suitable form of payment for the specific commercial transaction, thus favoring the SECURITY of credits towards abroad.

DI MEO INTERNATIONAL CONSULTING's consulting offer concerns:

The assessment of the risk of non-payment of foreign sales, both of a commercial and country nature, through the analysis and choice of the most precautionary means of payment aimed at favoring its elimination and / or reduction or, in the case , purchases, the risk of non-collection of the goods or non-compliance with the purchase order, after having already paid for it.

The suggestions for dealing with the risk of non-payment and the choice of the payment and / or guarantee methods most suited to the specific operations, the reference market, the object of the supply (Standard or Customized), the type of commercial agreements, the customers, their economic significance, the Incoterms® adopted and the other aspects of the underlying contract.

The answers and technical opinions useful to facilitate the choice of the credit and financial instruments of Trade Finance most suitable for the specific commercial transaction, country by country, based on the object of the supply and its economic importance.

Technical appraisals and judicial and extrajudicial assistance in disputes relating to collections, documentary credits, stand-by and bank guarantees.

Verification of the feasibility of financial solutions in order to avoid giving up or losing a commercial deal.

The technical formulation of the payment clause to be included in offers, orders, contracts with abroad.

Technical / legal support on international standards on documentary credits, documentary collections, checks and bills.

An improvement in the operational management of payments abroad in order to contain risks and costs.

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