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Our business consultancy for import-export and internationalization

The consulting activity of DI MEO INTERNATIONAL CONSULTING intervenes in all the phases of a commercial transaction with foreign countries in order to offer effective and functional solutions and tools ranging from the moment of the request for a sales offer, to the confirmation of the order, until your credit is collected.

The advice offered is based on the Case by Case Approach philosophy, with the aim of assisting the client with targeted and tailored interventions, through various formulas CONSULTING FORMULAS FOR INTERNATIONALIZATION able to meet specific business needs.

Services and areas of expertise

International payments

Documentary credits

International guarantees and Stand-by

Insurance and credit release

Incoterms® and delivery of goods

Commercial contracts for abroad

Opinions and technical expertise

Foreign check-up

Business plans and internationalization projects

DI MEO INTERNATIONAL CONSULTING has created a valuable Network dedicated to the sector, with the fundamental collaboration of experts in internationalization aimed at supporting and enriching our consultancy.

DI MEO INTERNATIONAL CONSULTING also offers business training courses for business staff and bank and useful material available online, such as International Tools magazine, the Mini Guide on the foreign market and specific and useful Webinar.

Consulting formulas for internationalization

Proposing different types and formulas of consultancy is certainly one of the key services of DI MEO INTERNATIONAL CONSULTING, in order to get closer to the needs of different types of customers.

Choose the ideal consulting solution for your company in order to face the foreign market in the best possible way and in complete safety.

Contact us, together we will find the perfect formula for your business needs.

Timed formula

This is a specific consultancy that can be provided remotely, by e-mail or other forms of dialogue, with possible examination of the documentation, or directly in the company, to face and assist the customer in dealing with and managing a significant transaction, or to solve a particularly complex problem, or to assist him both in court and out of court with opinions and technical expertise.

Ticket formula

The company offers a number of consultations can be used in a defined time frame (three / six / nine / twelve months) at the rising of a need.

This formula is specifically designed for those companies that need to solve occasional problems concerning different issues, but which, however, occur repeatedly over time.

Periodic formula in the company

It provides one periodic presence in the company depending on the needs, alongside the staff involved in specific operations, in order to examine certain operations, solve any problems, identify operational solutions, offer technical advice and so on.

It can be offered in combination with forms of internal training aimed at specific professional figures.

Subscription formula

It allows the company to be assisted on an ongoing basis in the various phases of operations with abroad for a prolonged period of time (six / twelve months), at the same time providing valuable training for company staff in contact with the consultant. Having a consultant available means, in fact, not having to worry about any uncertainties or doubts in the management of the import-export activity and being able to acquire, with practice, a safer and more effective operation.

This mode is particularly suitable for companies that in a certain period of time need specialized assistance and a constant and continuous point of reference.

Formula for opinions and technical expertise

These are technical opinions and appraisals on Collections and Documentary Credits, Stand by Letter of Credit, International guarantees, with related judicial and extrajudicial assistance, in the event of disputes or pathologies generated by the use of these payment and guarantee instruments.

This mode of intervention is indicated to receive assistance in a specific complex operation, which needs to be resolved with the formulation of a technical opinion.

In-house training

It allows the staff of different functions and levels to acquire knowledge and theoretical-practical tools that are essential for effective management, development, organization and control of the activity related to the internationalization topics covered.

The service provides personalized training based on the information received and the objectives to be achieved, with duration and methods of development to be agreed.

Coaching Formula on International Payments

Structured to offer companies comprehensive advice on the "securing" of foreign receivables by eliminating the risk of non-payment - Trade Finance tools.

It provides suggestions, guidelines, technical opinions useful to favor an effective management of the credit / financial and contractual aspects of international payments with indication of the Trade Finance instruments that can be adapted to individual and specific transactions.

Incoterms® coaching formula

Designed to identify and evaluate the distribution of costs, risks and responsibilities regarding the delivery of goods and the impact of Incoterms® on the security of payment, collection of goods, on obtaining transport documents to use a documentary credit, on the transfer of the right of ownership, on the exit proofs of the goods outside the EU and intra EU.

Step by step documentary credit formula

Developed in order to avoid bank reserves, reduce costs and the many problems that often delay or compromise the collection of Documentary Credits.

It develops in:

  • Assistance in the evaluation of the main elements of Documentary Credit through the examination of Swift messaging (MT 700) adopted by banks.

  • Assistance in the formulation of instructions for the issuance of Documentary Credit.

  • Examination of the Draft (draft) of the documentary credit issue text to suggest any amendments, highlight critical issues and indicate solutions.

  • Assistance and supervision of documents with indications for a compliant presentation.

  • Assistance in managing relationships with banks, shippers, insurers.

Foreign check-up formula

It represents a useful tool to evaluate and improve the company's international operations, to develop competitiveness and promote the internationalization process.

Its object is the evaluation of the technical / contractual / managerial aspects of the company's foreign business with reference to contracts, payments, guarantees, delivery of goods.

The foreign check-up identifies strengths and opportunities, weaknesses and criticalities, risks, indicating the tools that are deemed necessary for growth through a final report with the action plan.

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