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Our training courses for company personnel

The courses in House (in the company) and in Webinar mode are dedicated to both the personnel of industrial and artisan companies, and that of commercial companies, services, shipping companies, professionals, etc.

Basic and specialized courses

first and second level and specialized in-depth courses aimed at personnel of industrial and commercial companies, of duration and frequency to be agreed on the basis of the customer's needs.

Internationalization projects

regarding: contracts regarding focus on individual countries, commercial contracts for foreign countries, the negotiation of an international sale, international payments, documentary credit, bank guarantees, stand by letter of credit, Incoterms®, credit insurance, customs and transport aspects, those concerning the origin of goods, investments abroad, the regulation of bank checks and bills of exchange in the world, etc.

Training for company personnel

DI MEO INTERNATIONAL CONSULTING offers seminars and training courses for business staff, with tailor-made projects designed specifically to best meet the needs of companies. These are based on the identification of the main areas that require more in-depth specific knowledge, agreeing from time to time customized training solutions to meet the needs of the company.

These seminars and customized business training courses have a practical-operational slant and are designed according to the needs of the client company, in order to facilitate the acquisition of knowledge and skills applicable to their operational reality.

They take place directly at the company headquarters (in House), in Webinar mode or in other modes of variable duration and frequency to be agreed, from time to time, directly with the client company.

To take advantage of the opportunities of the markets

To gain competitiveness

To know and be successful

Training your staff is important:

here's why!

To be updated and prepared

To face the market and not suffer it

To improve operational efficiency


The objectives of training for company personnel

The main objective of each business training course is to provide knowledge and operational criteria on the main aspects of internationalization that can be directly used in the specific company and allow participating staff to acquire the theoretical and practical tools essential for efficient management, development and control of import-export and internationalization activities.

Type of commercial agreements, turnover by geographical area, average volume of individual commercial transactions, countries in which a presence is present or intends to develop, terms of return of goods, forms of payment adopted, etc.

Collection of information on the presence of the Company abroad

Overview of the characteristics of the professional profile of the course participants, such as function, training level, duties, experience and length of service.

Collecting information on company personnel

Possible meeting in the company or in video conference to evaluate the training path in its objectives, contents, recipients, duration and methodology.

Input collection to customize the project

Lineup of main contents, objectives and participants in corporate training courses.

Design of the personalized training course

Concrete examples and simulations of case studies to be examined in the classroom, in relation to the specific operational reality.

Preparation of didactic material

With practical suggestions applicable to the company reality.

Final report

Our specific company training courses for company personnel are developed on


Topics covered for internationalization

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