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Information to participate in the Webinar Courses

  • Webinars will be delivered upon reaching a minimum number of 5 participants.

  • Participants are given the opportunity to ask questions via chat or microphone.

  • Each participant will be assisted, both before and during the Webinar, by an organizer in order to support him in the problems concerning the access procedures.

  • Details of the costs and payment methods will be indicated in the e-mail sent to those who fill out the application form.

  • Registration for the Webinar is understood to have taken place with the payment of the registration fee.

  • The didactic material will be sent to each participant at the conclusion of the Webinar.

  • Participation in 3 Webinars will entitle you to receive a free Mini Guide for Abroad in paper format between "I Documenti per l'Import-Export" and "The Decalogue for the exporter".

  • It will be possible to attend the Webinar by connecting via an access link that will be shown in the confirmation e-mail of the Webinar Course.

  • Each member will receive, before the Webinar Course, a Vademecum with instructions to allow access to the platform and facilitate participation without disturbances and / or connection difficulties.

  • Each Webinar is designed to be as interactive as possible and thus allow communication between the teacher and the participant by reproducing what usually happens in presence.

Thanks to the Internet, the training courses in Webinar Mode allow you to transform the difficulties caused by the Coronavirus into an opportunity and occasion for meeting and dialogue.


In fact, they are designed to combine the convenience of enjoying, from home or from your workplace, courses and training events with the reduction of travel times and costs and, at the same time, allow the effectiveness and interactivity typical of courses in presence.


With one or more hours of concrete training it is possible to take advantage of information and constant and continuous update on the most relevant aspects of foreign trade, receiving answers to the many typical problems of the import export business.


Each Webinar will deal with useful and interesting topics concerning the various aspects of international trade with the aim of providing knowledge and information useful to help and solve some of the critical issues encountered by participants in the development and management of their business abroad.

When combined with customized consulting and training packages (for business and bank staff), the Webinar Courses become a fundamental tool for safely dealing with your business on foreign markets and creating an effective growth business.


The phrase of an economics professor during a lesson (at university) remained engraved in the mind and heart of Antonio Di Meo: NEED is the spring that drives man to action.


Here, then, is that the desire to continue the face-to-face training activity carried out over the years has led DI MEO INTERNATIONAL CONSULTING to think of organizing training courses at its headquarters or on behalf of trade associations in Webinar Mode , making use of highly qualified teachers.

We therefore invite you to register for one or more of the webinars scheduled in the coming months.


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