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Commercial contracts

for abroad

Great strategies, such as great works of art or great scientific discoveries, require the mastery of the technical aspects for their realization as well as the effectiveness of commercial and marketing actions cannot ignore the definition of the essential aspects of any transaction. commercial. The conclusion of an international contract requires special attention and must not be neglected. It is of fundamental importance, in fact, to define the legal framework in which the commercial agreement is developed and to which it is subject, trying to structure contracts characterized by simplicity, completeness and coherence.

Here, then, that it becomes necessary to take into account all the implications of the case (civil, commercial, productive, financial and logistic) which must be specified in the international contract in a clear and unequivocal way.

Indication and evaluation of the most critical aspects of commercial relations with foreign customers to improve their formulation.

The analysis, understanding and drafting of the main clauses of contracts with foreign customers and suppliers.

The checks to be carried out on what to do in concrete in the drafting of the contract.

The indication of the essential clauses to be included in the contract and of the consequences in the event can not be applied.

The evaluation of the obligations assumed in a contract with a foreign party, the related risks and the remedies to be adopted with assistance in the formulation of the various contractual clauses.

The formulation of the conditions of delivery of the goods (Incoterms®) and of the form of payment and guarantee most appropriate to the contract based on the country risk, the type of goods and its economic importance.

Assistance in defining the legal framework to which the contract will be subject and the way to prevent or resolve any disputes.

The development of the General Conditions of Sale or Purchase.

To deal with the legal and technical aspects of an international contract, DI MEO INTERNATIONAL CONSULTING is able to evaluate, provide information, facilitate the correct setting and formulation of the main clauses of contracts with foreign customers and suppliers accompanied by suggestions in the management of offers, orders, order confirmations and supply conditions.


With the support of law firms from the DI MEO INTERNATIONAL CONSULTING Network, consultancy on commercial contracts for abroad includes in particular:

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