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Mini guides for abroad

Our Mini Guides for abroad represent an editorial project characterized by practical handbooks on specific issues concerning the internationalization universe.

Born with the idea of ​​collecting the main topics characterizing trade with foreign countries, they aim to provide technical and practical support of knowledge and in-depth study of the most significant issues that characterize trade with foreign countries.


They are concise, practical, easy to consult and apply, thanks to a clear and simple language, developed from the point of view of the company.


The Mini Guides are written by a team of specialists, experts and scholars in legal, contractual, economic, transport, logistics, technical-commercial, credit, financial, customs and tax matters.


A technical-scientific committee composed of experts in the sector, with the collaboration of the DI MEO INTERNATIONAL CONSULTING Network, will evaluate the choice of topics, identifying who to entrust with the development of the established subjects.

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Who are our mini guides

for abroad for?

  • To managers and staff of the foreign service of varying degrees of preparation and responsibility of companies that operate with foreign counterparties.

  • To foreign specialists, employees of the foreign office and staff assigned in any capacity to the foreign operations of banks.

  • To freight forwarders, to the employees of shipping companies, shipping agencies, customs officers.

  • The professionals and consultants dealing with issues related to internationalization.

  • To lecturers from the academic world and the University in subjects related to internationalization.

  • To the staff of institutional bodies that deal with issues related to international trade.

  • To students, undergraduates and recent graduates in the various disciplines related to internationalization.

The Mini Guides are enriched with summary tables, tables, check lists, models, diagrams, forms, points of attention, case studies. The topics are addressed starting from their definition, from the description of the characteristics, the function, the articulation, of the parties involved in the operation with their respective obligations and responsibilities, the reference legislation, the most critical aspects, operational suggestions, practical examples.

Diritto e prassi degli Incoterms® della ICC

Con questa Mini Guida si intende fornire un'ampia panoramica di quelle che sono le caratteristiche delle regole Incoterms®, dei costi e dei rischi tra venditore e compratore e criticità al fine di fornire una chiave di lettura per un utilizzo corretto.

Qui sono presenti anche analisi sugli impatti degli Incoterms® con le altre clausole contrattuali (trasferimento diritto proprietà, trasporto, assicurazione merce e forme di pagamento, impego Incoterms® e gli aspetti doganali e fiscali delle operazioni con l’estero).


We are always available for information on how to receive the Mini Guides

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